Cristóbal Ruiz Marín
Is an expert in urban planning at the University of Malaga in 2005, and then he participated as an expert in accounting, finance and taxation of companies at the University of Malaga in 2006.
As a founding partner and director of the Business Area, he coordinates and manages the accounting department, as well as the payroll and contract department. He specializes in founding companies and advising companies and traders. Accounting department 20 years of experience with tax accounting and labor law in Spain has given us a large clientele of working people – both companies and self-employed – who are assisted both in starting a business and the subsequent formalities such as accounting, tax settlement, payroll, settlement of Seguridad Social. They offer all types of accounting advice: · Bookkeeping, balance sheets and income statements. · Preparation and legalization of official accounting books. · Submission of annual accounts to the Trade Register. · Clearance of accounts, optimization of tax benefits in accordance with applicable law.