In Fuengirola’s new Scandinavian Consulting Agency “Grøn & Andersen ” is always a Dane as ‘ll take your phone. It’s only a detail , but it embodies the whole idea. The partners Lena Grøn and Heidi S. Andersen has merged a quarter century of experience in advising on Spanish conditions. They have made it through another local company Cyclo , but Grøn & Andersen has come into the world to provide a specialized service to the Scandinavian group of customers.


” In Cyclo we were eventually 20 employees. The major working language was Spanish and English, and often causes people not all forward when there is an English speaking at the other end of the telephone, “says Heidi S.Andersen. She studied as an economist at the Aarhus School of Business , and two years later she was from the start with Cyclo and it was founded in 1996. ” Here we are only three employees, but we are working with Scandinavians . We sit down with them , and over a cup of coffee and orders the things in our own way , “adds Lena Grøn , who has lived most of life in Spain and has studied Immigration laws. In 2004 she got a job in Cyclo , and four years later, she was co-owner. As a child of a Danish – Norwegian marriage she talks two Scandinavian languages.


Grøn Andersen

We also assist our customers with property purchases, wills, inheritance matters, powers of attorney, Spanish tax returns and tax advice in general.

Lena Grøn


Heidi Andersen